In A Relationship With Tao- Part 2


Hope you guys enjoy!!!! I was kinda feeling tired while writing this so I hope the story isn't too bad lol.

Part 1


“Y/N!” you heard Tao calling your name from across the street.

You smiled at the sight of him with his long arms wind-milling through the air waving at you. With his dark hair, piercings, black sweater and jeans, he gave off a dangerous and bad boy aura to those who didn’t know him. But right now, he couldn’t look more endearing and adorable.

The pedestrian light turned green and you quickly hurried across the road. Tao had a huge smile plastered on his face as you crossed the street and the moment you reached him, he grabbed you in a hug.

“I missed you!” he sang as he spun you around.

Laughing, you lightly patted him on the head as he finally set you down.

“I missed you too,” you smiled and took his hand in yours.

His eyes curved into half moon shapes as he smiled wider. Leaning down, he shyly pressed his lips against yours before pulling away with a flushed face.

Once again, you laughed at how adorable he was and tugged on his hand. “Let’s go.”

He easily fell into step alongside you as the both of you walked the familiar route towards the park.

You glanced at him to find him staring at you with a smile still etched on his face.

“Yah! That’s creepy!” you laughed, smacking him lightly on the arm.

He smirked and said, “Why? How is admiring the most beautiful girl in the world creepy?”

Blushing, you just shook your head and chose not to answer him.

“Besides,” he continued, “I haven’t seen you for what? Three weeks? I need to catch up on all the staring I’ve missed in those weeks.”

“Well you did send me a bunch of photos and videos so that was something.” You smiled and he slipped his arm around his waist, both of you walking in comfortable silence.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something,” he stopped and grinned mischievously at you.

“What’s that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I have a surprise for you!” he said and pulled out a blindfold from behind his back, “But you can’t peek until we reach there.”

Grumbling slightly, you allowed him to tie the blindfold securely around your head. He took your hand and started to lead the way.

You were shuffling slowly, trying to feel if there was anything in front of you with your foot before taking a step forward.

“Will you just trust me?” he sighed, tugging on your hand to make you walk faster.

“After that time you hid wasabi in my sushi? Fat chance.”

“You looked like you needed a little cheering up that night!”

“So, me crying my eyes out from eating the wasabi is called cheering up? I totally see your logic, Tao.”

“Well, if I say so myself, I’m a pretty logical person.”

“Yeah, pretty lousy at detecting sarcasm in one’s sentences too.”

“Nah, I’m just good at ignoring it. Duck.”

“What?” you asked before you felt a branch hit you on the forehead.

“OUCH!” you screeched, clutching at your head.

“I told you to duck!” you heard Tao say with barely contained laughter in his voice as he lightly slid an arm around your waist and massaged your forehead with the other hand.

“Better?” he asked, kissing the throbbing spot lightly.

You nodded, scrunching your nose up and you heard him laugh.

“Can I just take it off?” you whine, fingering the blindfold.

“No,” he said firmly, smacking your hand away from the blindfold, “We’re nearly there anyway.”

He led you on for another minute or two before stopping you and releasing your hand.

“Okay, take it off… Now!”

You pulled the blindfold off and your eyes widened at the sight before you.

“Ta- daaa~!”

You were in a clearing surrounded by trees. There were clumps of colourful balloons spread out randomly and held down with a stone. Right in the centre of it all was a beaming Tao with a white clad table set for two. As you neared the table, Tao pulled out the chair for you and gestured at you to sit.

You sat down, still admiring your surroundings as Tao bent and took out two huge baskets laden with containers from beneath the table.

There were a variety of sandwiches, fried snacks, fruits and bottles of juice.

“How did you get all of this ready?” you asked, amazed as he poured out a drink for you and arranged the food on the table.

“I would like to say I did it all on my own… But I had help from the others. Kris Gege scared everyone into helping out, I think,” he said, nonchalantly.

You laughed, imagining it. You really could imagine Kris doing such a thing. He definitely spoiled Tao too much, buying him Gucci, food and now this.

“Say ahhh~” he held out a sandwich towards you and cupped a hand underneath it, preventing any drips onto the table.

You leaned forward and bit into the sandwich, conscious of his stare on you the whole time. Leaning back into your chair, you blushed and avoided his gaze.

Tao leaned in over the table and kissed you. His tongue darted out and licked your lip lightly causing you to turn a deep shade of red.

Pulling back slightly, he smiled and whispered, “You had a little sauce there,” before capturing your lips in another kiss.

Tao laughed and you turned your head to smile at him. He stared back for a few moments before reaching out and pulling you towards him. You curled up against his side and breathed in the scent of his favorite cologne.

“Y/N?” he called softly.


“I’ve got something else for you,” he sat up, pulling you with him.

“Close your eyes,” he commanded.

You shut your eyes and felt him get up from beside you. You felt his hands lightly caressing your neck before you felt something cold as well.

Your eyes snapped open and you looked down to see a silver chain with a pendant shaped into a handcuff lying against your collarbones.

He looked down and pulled out a matching necklace from underneath his sweater.

“I want us to be together. Forever,” he said, “No matter what. I want to be with you even thirty- fifty- no, sixty years from now. And also, no matter where I go, I’ll always be tied to you. With this handcuff..” He grinned sheepishly at you.

“Aww!” you cooed and started pinching his cheeks, “You’re such a romantic panda!”

“But seriously,” he pulled your hands off his cheeks, “Do you promise? We’ll be together forever and ever?” He bit his lip and stared intensely into your eyes.

You stroked his cheek before pulling him into a kiss. “Is that promise enough?” you whispered, breaking the kiss.

His eyes flitted up to yours before he nodded and kissed you again with a smile on his lips.




“Tao, Stop.” You whimper as his sharp teeth bite into your neck, you feel his mouth suck on the wounded flesh. His hand travels down your thigh to under your dress.

“Do you really want me to stop?” He his hand brushes over your panties “Your body is begging me to continue.” He whispers seductively into your ear.

“You don’t need to verbalize anything,” He says removing your clothes faster than you even thought was impoddible, leaving you standing against a cold wall in nothing but your underwear. “Your body does enough talking.” He smirks.

He continues to place wet kisses along your neck, occasionally biting the sensitive flesh and sucking slightly to soothe the pain.

“I see you were ready for me today.” He looks down on your black lace bra and underwear. “How unfortunate these are going to be off soon.” His hand dips past your waistband and he forcefully thrusts a finger into you.

Adrenaline pulsed through your body as he began moving his finger in and out of you. His finger crooks in search of your sensitive spot, your head falls back against the wall and a loud moan leaves your lips when he does.

“More.” You say through uneven breaths.

“Say my name.” You feel him smirk into your neck, his lips travel back to yours as he thrusts a second finger in. You quickly bite his bottom lip and begin sucking it as his tongue aggressively wrestles with yours.

“Tao! More!” You say again into his lips

“More?” You can hear his breathing increase as well “Beg.” He says in a commanding tone.

You feel your legs begin to weaken as his fingers work in and out of you. Your arms wrap around his neck and you lean into him for support.

If there was two things you leaned about Huang ZiTao since you started dating began it was; firstly, that he loved to dominate you. He enjoyed nothing more then to hear you scream his name all night as he continuously made love to you. And second, his week spot was his neck. The lightest brush of your lips drove him crazy.

You made a trail of kisses from his lips to his defined jawline and stopped in the crook of his neck. You heard him moan slightly as your hand traveled down his chest to the bulge pressing tightly against his jeans.

His hands moved to your shoulders and pushed you against the wall, breaking whatever contact you both had moments ago. Through heavy breaths you looked up to his lustful face. His hand grabbed your wrist and pulled you quickly to the bedroom, tossing you on the bed.

Tao was rough, and forceful, but god did you love it. His hands moved eagerly to his shirt, nearly ripping the thin cotton and flinging it to the floor. Your eyes traced over his defined muscles, his strong arms that would be holding you shortly, and his tight chest that would be pressed against yours. You found your thighs rubbing together instinctively, the friction easing your burning desire.

“Patience.” He says, his piercing stare sending rifts of excitement though your body. His hands moved to his belt buckle, removing his trousers in what to you was a painfully slow manner.

Your hand moved to your back, looking to unclasp your bra in hopes it would speed up the process.

“No.” He says in a stern tone “You aren’t thinking of robbing me of the privilege are you?” Your hand quickly moves back to the bed.

After what seemed to be forever, you finally felt a dip in the bed. He placed his hand on your knee, parting your legs enough for him to nestle comfortably in between your thighs. His hardness pressing against your heated core forced a pleasurable moan to leave your lips.

His mouth moved to your shoulder and peppered it with alternating soft wet kisses and hard bites. He paved a way to your bra strap, taking the fabric in his teeth and peeling it down your arm, and threw it carelessly near his forgotten clothes. He lifted his body off yours, his eyes tracing over your every curve.

“Mine.” He says kissing your breast, his bottom half grinding harder into yours.

You tangle your hands into his hair and pull his lips to yours. “Now.” Is all you say, moving your hands to your waistband. He places his hand over yours slips the lace off, then moves to remove his own boxers.

He looks down to you with a dominating smirk as he brushes his hardness against your entrance. “Now?” He questions with mischievous eyes.

“Tao!” You say with an angry tone causing a haughty laugh to leave his lips.

With a smooth motion he thrusts into you, striking your sweet stop and causing a satisfied moan to leave your lips. It doesn’t take long before you find the rhythm to meet his thrusts. Your movements both increase as you feel each other reaching closer to ecstasy.

“You like this?” He continues to thrust in you leaving you breathless. “Tell me how much like you like it.” He commands pulling all the way out before slamming back into you hitting your g-spot.

“Tao...” you gasp out as your head hits the back of the wall repeatedly. You don’t mind since a feeling of euphoria has completely dulled your senses.

You arms move to his back, your nails dig tightly into his soft heated skin as you feel the heat in your body rise. With a final powerful thrust a burst of pleasure ran though your body. Your body shakes under him but he keeps you still as he continues thrusting into your sensitive body. His lips move aggressively towards yours and swallow your moan. Moments later you feel him bite on your bottom lip as a he reaches his climax.

He places himself beside you, pulling you close to his arms. Although Tao was dominating and aggressive during sex, he was always loving and gentle at other times. He held you in his arms as if you were the most precious thing in existence as you both drifted off to sleep.



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