My top 5 favorite kpop ships

These are my top five favorite ships by Korean boy groups. My top favorite has got to be Leeteuk and Heechul of Super Junior because they are the oldest members (only having an age difference of just a few days), and they are my favorite members.

My next favorite is also from Super Junior, they are the dancers and rappers of the group, Donghae and Eunhyuk

My next favorite ship is extremely cute when they are together, it's like an overload of aegyo and its just too adorable! Sungkyu and Woohyun of Infinite.

My next favorite ship complete each other like chip and dale! Kim Jonghyun and Key of SHINee!

Finally the last ship I have here I made up myself, it's basically a chain reaction name that I noticed among Infinite, Dongwoohyun! I hope you enjoyed my ships! I would like to see yours!

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