What Line Are You Challenge

Yay another challenge...not really sure how its supposed to be but I was tagged by a few people! Heh!

I was born August 12,1996....I am a proud 96' liner!!! Idols who are 96' liners... Woozi, Hoshi, Jun,Wonwoo of Seventeen! Kogyeol,Wei, Bitto,Wooshin, Sunyoul of Up10tion! Zelo of B.A.P! Youngjae of Got7! Chanmi of AOA! (Dont have a pic but too lazy to search one) And others.....heh

Bias Group: Bts (we all know its them) Kim SeokJin (Jin) December 4, 92' liner Min YoonGi (Suga) March 9, 93' liner Jung HoSeok (J-Hope) February 19, 94' liner Kim NamJoon (RapMon) September 12, 94' liner Park Jimin (Jimin) October 13, 95' liner Kim TaeHyung (V) December 30, 95' liner Jeon JungKook (Jungkook) September 1, 97' liner (But we all know I am the missing member to complete it= Hernandez Samantha (SungAh) August 12, 96' liner)

Age Difference: Jin- 4 years Suga- 3 years J-Hope- 2 years Rap Monster- 2 years Jimin- 1 year V- 1 year Jungkook- Noona of a year and a month ^~^


Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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