Top 15 bias list pt2

So heres the second part lol

Taeil! He is just super cute. He ruined my bias list so hard though. I was going to put Zico and his crazy ways but just... UGH

As stated before, BamBam is one of my favorites in Got7, as well as JB. I put jb off for so long that I was in denial when he came up to my bias list and smashed it with his smile. I shook in the corner for days guys. For daaaaaaaaays.


Hongki and Kevin. Im in love with both of them, for kind of similar reasons. Kevin got me with his voice on asc. The very first time i watched asc was for b.a.p i think, and Kevin speaking caught me off guard. Then hearing him sing was breath taking. For hongki it was his acting in 'Your beautiful,' then his singing. Omfg though his acting is spot on and amazing.

Park bom and cl are my two favorites. Well all of 2NE1 is my favorite, they're strong and they power through, yet they're kind and they sweet. The true definition of females is 2ne1 in my opinion.


Woozi, Vernon, and the8. These three will be the death of me(lol rhyming kekeke)

Amber Liu! Shes like my role model lol. She was the second female group i got into. SNSD was the first, but i didnt like them as much and I liked f(x).

And thats all for my fifteen bias'. Honestly i wish i could put my whole list out there but... Thatd take a while lol. So ill just tag deh peps and start wrighting that story... maybe... @hitomi123@CreetheOtaku@LilySilver@TiffanyBibian@MadAndre@thePinkPrincess

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