After fighting it for a very long time.


I finally listened to Ikon. I have been fighting it because I didn't want to get into a new group. Plus they were getting a lot of hate for dissing other idols ( It's not a big deal I just didn't want to fall for another group.)

But I finally gave in a listened to them, and just like I feared my list is ruined yet again plus they are now in my top Four favorite groups along with Infinite, Got7, and Block B.

I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. The first time I heard about them I just knew, but I still tried to fight it.

I can't even with Junhoe as soon as I heard him sing I was done for. I have never had anyone climb my list so fast he just killed me.


I fell for his voice then I saw how extremely good looking he is and ASDFGHHJL. this is what I get for putting it off isn't it.


Then there is Bobby. I am just getting into Ikon and they already are trying to kill me. His eye smile is so amazing gahh!

Please Ikon stop wrecking my list that I JUST GOT TOGETHER! But I'm a goner plus I feel stupid for even fighting falling for this group they are just so ahhhhh.....

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