What Line Are You in Challenge


August 17th, 1997.

BTS's Jungkook

September 1st, 1997 One of the reasons why he's my ultimate bias. So i'm a liii~ttle bit older than him, (YES 15 DAYS OLDER) but this korean age system makes me feels like he's older than me. Watching his obvious grow is amazing!

GOT7's Bam Bam & Yugyeom

Bambam: May 2nd, 1997 Yugyeom: November 17th, 1997 Bambam is so baby faced, and yugyeom looks like his age... And i'm sorry i had to include the last pic.

IKON's Junhoe & Donghyuk

Junhoe: March 31st, 1997 Donghyuk: January 3rd, 1997 (OH WOW IT'S TODAY!!) I honestly think Junhoe looks older than his age... i chose that pic, because that picture looks more like his age. I dont know much about ikon but Junhoe is sassy isn't he? While Donghyuk is cute. Oh btw, Happy birthday Donghyuk!

Seventeen's DK, Mingyu, & The8

Dokyeom: February 18th, 1997 Mingyu: April 6th, 1997 The8: November 7th, 1997 I personally think, Dokyeom looks so mature he looks like he's middle 20s actor or something.... It took me a while to search Dokyeom's picture that looks more like his age. Mingyu and The8 are cuties, but The8 is more baby faced.

If only these boys were my high school classmates, going to school would be my most favorite thing to do!

Here's the girls edition:

15&'s Park Jimin

July 5th, 1997 I LOVE HER ♥ She so cute and she's so much fun to be with.... i want to be friends with her if i could~ I love her actions in ASC it's always great! She looks cute all the time, but she's reaaally pretty in these hopeless love teaser photos.

TWICE's Jihyo & Mina

Jihyo : February 1st, 1997 Mina: March 24th, 1997 All twice members are around my age omg... Jihyo is the leader (but not the oldest). They're cute.

These are definitely not all kpop idols who are 97-line... since a lot of new groups debuted recently with average age around me. So i might miss some idols. But these idols are FABULOUS aren't they??? And yes they're all officially legal this year!

My bias group is definitely....


It's great that they're all not much older than me... it makes me easy relate my life with theirs. Especially because their songs are so relateable in life. Jin: December 4th, 1992 (+5 years) Suga: March 9th, 1993 (+4 years) J-Hope: February 19th, 1994 (+3 years) Rap Monster: September 12th, 1994 (+3 years) Jimin: October 13th, 1995 (+2 years) V: December 30th, 1995 (+2 years) Jungkook: September 1st, 1997 (-15 daysㅋㅋㅋ) Idk why am i so proud of the 15 days difference....... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I always think i overdid a card.... but yeah.... i hope you appreciate this card as much as i do. ^^ Tagging vinglers! You don't have to do this challenge... it's up to you~ But it's fun to know which idols are the same age as you. You might find other vinglers who has the same age as you! anyone in 97line? ^^ @OliviaBunny@MadAndrea@ciabri22@xojuliettexox@Kyokeo@JackieMurrayCab@krin@BAbrajan1@torchix@AnnieGoodman@SarahVanDorn@Dabaesaplayer@MsLoyalHeart@VixenViVi@VKookie47@CreeTheOtaku@nerdy3000@Valerie816@TriciaMae@deefran@anniechang1545@heidichiesa@GossamoKewen95@DeyaniraEstrada@xsandos17@aliahwhbmida@JasminMartinez@Tigerlily84@JessAS@kpopandkimchi@LilySilver@sosoaloraine23@TracyLynnn@notgucci3@beckiboop1996@squishypanda@StephanyAcevedo@katiems@glo86@AmyHam@GDsGF@Emealia Tell me if you don't want to be tagged... i dont mind

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