My Top 15 Favorite Korean Songs of 2015

Again why I do these things that make me choose I don't know. But I did it! Thanks to@biancadanica98 for making the original card and@thePinkPrincess for tagging me to do it! It was fun, hope you like my picks! So in no particular order here's my 15 songs of 2015...

Call Me Baby ~ EXO

Blind ~ B.A.P


Chained Up ~ VIXX

Just Right ~ GOT7

Butterfly ~ BTS

Get Some Air ~ Gary

Hero ~ Monsta X

If You ~ Big Bang

Mommae ~ Jay Park

*warning adult content*

Zero for Conduct ~ Block B Bastarz

*warning adult content*

Run Away ~ Royal Pirates

You Know ~ Jay Park

*warning adult content*

Farewell My Love ~ SHINee

Love Is Madness ~ 15&

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