I need your opinion

Hello guys!

So I've recently been thinking up ideas for fanfiction, and I want to know if you guys think its worth trying?


My idea is a fan fic about BTS as they are my ultimate bias group and i know the most about them (at least more than I know about other groups).

My plan is to release the first chapter (if you guys think I should try it) and get your opinions about my idea for it!

(I wont tell many details for now, cause I'll end up giving out too much info! )

My idea is a ramance thing, and have the beginning, ok?

So, then I had an idea of:

1) you guys can vote who you want it to be about

2) I could do a different story line for each member, but the same intro story for each story line

(Also, I will take any ideas you guys give out into consideration while I'm writing it! After all, you guys are the one's gonna be reading it. Constructive criticism is welcome!)

Let me know what you guys think! In the mean time, I'll try to work out the intro chapter thing to give you guys an idea of what's happening!

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