You Won't Do That Pt.2

Summary: If Hoseok had the right to keep you a secret from her, than you had the right to keep him a secret from Hoseok. Pt. 1 Pt. 3 Pt. 4 Pt. 5 Pt. 6 Pt. 7 Finale: Epilogue


Yureon huffed, resting her chin on her hand,”Since you’re so stingy with information I’ll try guess his name and if I get it right, you have to let me meet him~!” She stared at you, eyes squinted until you agreed. You nodded reluctantly. The chance of her getting it right were slim anyway. And even if she did guess right, you were pretty sure he’d deny it right in front of both of your faces. “Cool., Horeon? Hojun? Hochae-?” “Hoseok?” A playfully voice interrupted. Hoseok grinned down at you two, plopping into the seat beside Yureon and kissing her cheek. His eyes landed on you,”How’s are my favorite girls doing? Sorry, I’m late.” Yureon happily scoffed, “Honestly, we weren’t surprised, Jagi. Anyway..” She gushed,”Y/N’s been keeping her mystery man a secret from me for three months.” Suddenly, she reached over to jerk the collar of your shirt to the side. Hoseok’s eyes shifted down to the purple mark and his expression fell. Horrified he looked back to you, but you ignored his panicked look. The gaping dread morphed back into a grin when Yureon looked back to him,”He’s apparently good with his mouth, wouldn’t you say?” Hoseok nodded stiffly, tugging on his collar. The cool breeze wasn’t doing enough to calm his rising blood pressure. Yureon paid him no mind,”His name starts with ‘Ho’ like you, so we agreed that if I guessed right, she’d let me meet him.” A lightbulb went off in Yureon’s head and she looked back to you,”Is his name Hoseok?” You were sure she was asking if his name was also Hoseok, but by the way Jhope’s face paled it seemed he thought Yureon was referring to himself. Jhope’s mouth went dry,”Me?” He choked. Before Yureon could address him, a fourth person sat down at the table. Pushing his chair next to you and kissing your cheek, he smiled politely at Yureon’s confused face and Hoseok’s hesitant stare. You cleared your throat,”Yureon, Hoseok, this is the mystery man, Honeul.” He happily greeted then, even reaching out to shake their hands. Yureon wasted not time in gripped his hand to shake. She was finally meeting your ‘mystery man’ and could be any happier. Honeul shifted his outstretched hand to Hoseok who ignored him. Your hands started to sweat when Hoseok silently glared at you, completely ignoring Yureon and Honeul’s curious questions. If there was one thing Hoseok was good at besides dancing, it was facial expressions. And right now, he looked livid.

Sorry this is so short! It was just a good place to stop. I'll post part 3 tomorrow! Credit of course goes to suga-of-daegu. Comment below if you want to be tagged for future parts :) @11erinmims@thePinkPrincess@dchapple45@vlargo@mylifeisnow@lunastormnoona@StaceyNguyen@yaya12@karlythepanda66@AshleyAndino@Tracylinn@KaylinJones@KaeliShearer@VeronicaArtino@kaikaikpop@addri@Helixx@Kpossible4250@HaleyLamoureux@roseeoh@alltimerejectx@DeyaniraEstrada@bambamisbae@sugalessjams@queenlele@evieevelyn@chinabarrier16@carolinacastane@XionHeart@KarolinaTrevino

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