In my mind, he reminds me of a cross between メト (MEJIBRAY) and Yuuki (Lycaon)

He's so adorable though~! In Live's he's crazy and energetic but in person he's really quiet and soft-spoken. (You can barely hear him talking!) Him and his doll Seiko-chan are so sweet together <33 ( > w < )

Behold, my first serious Visual Kei ship ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ @huontreeroo

いつかビリンガルに成りたいですから、今日も頑張りますよ!ε-(´∀`; ) Hello~🎶 Welcome welcome! I'm an INFP artist who's in love with all things Asian culture. My main loves are: Visual Kei || Otome Games || Drama CDS || Anime || Kpop || Cosplay I always happen to fall for the psycho bitch-👏✨ I also harbor a special love for the beautiful and grotesque Currently Drama CDs have taken over my life.
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