¿Que Tal? Your New Latino Culture Comm. Moderator Is Here!

Hi guys!

Latino Culture

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the Latino Culture community, you're welcome to ask either one of us! :)

Some Information About The Community:

1) ANYONE can be a part of the community. No, you don't have to be Latino! Everyone is welcome -- and I mean everyone! 2) Since it's about culture, pretty much this community encompasses everything about the Latino culture that includes: food, music, Latino humor, celebrities, art, ect. 3) Anyone is welcome to write cards. Doooo iittt do ittt!!! :D 4) Everyone in this community is super cool and welcoming and you're gonna have an awesome time being a part of it!

Some Information About Me:

1) I am Afro-Latina. (BORICUA HERE!) 2) My favorite Latin foods include pasteles, empanadas, pernil/lechon, frijoles, arroz con habichuelas, arroz con pollo, and pastelón. 3) I love to cook, lift weights (former powerlifter here!), drink wine, meet new people, be outdoors, having alone time, dance bachata/salsa, and write. 4) I have a cat name Mustard. 5) I really love burgers. My future wedding cake will probably be a giant burger. 6) You can usually find me hanging out in the Latino food, News, Tattoo, Funny, Fitness, Health, Love & Relationship communities.

I would also like to shout out some of our active members here and that includes:

@Ssantiago0911@jazziejazz@Amobigbang@Lavonyork@Luci546@TylerOrtega@gypsyrose@butterflyblu@AnnahZaragoza@aaxbo@Arellano1052@Jibarito@Jiyongixoxo@edwey66@jessicacruz1480@purplem00n23@ariannagorniak1@edwin92@kpopgaby@Lavonyork@jazziejazz@melodicballoon@buddyesd@sunnnv@arios025@yashiracruz@abbykatiana9@sofechilz@LaReina@MeganStright @hhead232@rik40@Arnelli@djdoubl3up@drummergirl691@EasternShell@djdoubl3up@danidee@InPlainSight

Thank you so much for making this community great!

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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