Decisions (pt3) The Date


You waited for Jungkook outside of your home. Sad on the inside, because you knew part of you was still with him. Lingering in that moment, when your lips met for the first time. His words stuck in your head, and in your heart you knew this wasn't right. Yet you made a promise to give him a chance, and he deserved it. Admitting that you did feel something towards Jungkook,but knowing he wouldn't have all of your heart hurt.

Jungkook arrived at your doorstep with nervous eyes, but they disappeared once he seen you. He had is mouth slightly open, just staring at you.

"Jungkook? Are you okay?" He shook his head slightly,coming back to reality.

JK: "Yeah, I'm fine," he smiled, "I just got so distracted by your beauty. Y/n you look amazing right now." Blood rushed to your cheeks as he held out his hand to help escort you inside the car. The car grew awkward, instilled with silence. Neither of you knew what to say, so you took the opportunity to look at Jungkook. He was focused on the road, but you could tell he was really nervous. You noticed how handsome he looked, he dressed up just for you. Your heart skipped a beat, and you felt flustered once again.

"Kookie, where are we going?" JK: "I want it to be a surprise, but you'll know anyways once you see the signs." "Huh? What signs?" He pointed out the window, towards the highway signs. Your eyes grew wide, and you squealed like a little girl.

"I love this theme park!?" JK: "I know, you used to mention it a lot in your vlog. Your favorite place on earth." "I can't believe the Golden Makenae is a fan of me!" you giggled, "Usually all the girls are like this about you, and here you are being a fangirl over little old me" You put your hands to your chest, and pretended to pout and cry. All he could do was smile at how cute you were being. Once you arrived to the park, he ran around to your door, opening it.

JK: "Milady"he said as he bowed in front of you, holding out his hand.

"Hehe, why thank you kind sir," you replied as you did a small bow.

Both of you took in the scenery of the park.It was during the week, so it wasn't too crowded, luckily. You looked down at your outfit, it was not appropriate for this kind of date. Just then Jungkook handed you a bag, you looked at it in confusion.


JK: "I knew you would dress your best, and I was afraid you wouldn't be comfortable on our date, so Jin helped me pick out some clothes for you to wear. I hope they fit." Taking a look inside the bag there was a complete outfit. Nothing to fancy, like what you were wearing, but they would definitely be more comfortable for the park.

"Kookie, thank you. You seemed to have thought everything through" giving him a smile.

****Jungkook's P.O.V.**** *Not everything, noona* I thought to myself as she changed clothes. My heart was happy she was here, but I felt like something was missing. The light in her eyes just isn't as bright. I let out a sigh as she came back outside from the restroom.

Y/n: "Ta-da!" you exclaim striking a funny 'model' pose

I smiled, she is so goofy, I feel like I love her already. Without even thinking about it my mouth opened.

JK: "I love you and your goofiness y/n." *CRAP! Why did I say that, we only just met, she's going to think I'm crazy.....* I watched her stand there a little bit frozen, oh please just say something y/n....please

just speak. I seen her open her mouth partially..

Y/n: "Kookie," her eyes had sorrow in them, "did you just say you love me?" "Well, yeah. But in a friend way, for now at least" I'm only half lying to her... Y/n: "Oh, okay" she replied.

After the moment had passed we walked around enjoying the park. I loved watching he laugh and play with a giant smile on her face, it made my heart flutter. I didn't want the day to end. However, I do have one more surprise up my sleeve. I dragged y/n back to the car later that night, and I asked if she was hungry. Of course she said yes, we hadn't eaten anything but some snacks. I began to drive away, and she waved bye to the park. God she's adorable. I reached my hand out and placed it on her knee, she kind of jumped at that action. Should I be concerned? Nah, I probably startled her.

*RING* "Ah is that my phone? Aish, y/n can you answer that for me please?" Y/n: "mmhm," answering the phone, "Annyeonghaseyo, Jungkook's phone.

Ah," *clears throat*, "Suga oppa, is there something wrong?" Her tone of voice changed with him. And since when did she start calling him oppa?

"Kookie's driving he can't talk--

Alright I'll put you on speaker." JK: "Annyeonghaseyo Yoongi hyung, gwaenchanh-a?" S: "Ne Kookie, how's the date?" Y/n: "It's going just fine oppa, why'd you call?" I wonder why she answered so quickly, and kind of rude too. Hmm, whatever. S: "Ah, I needed to talk to Kookie about something. I'll just see you at the house later." JK: "Alright, annyeong hyung" Y/n: "Annyeong oppa" S: "Annyeong guys" *CLICK*

"That was weird, wonder why he called?" Y/n: "Probably just being a nosy hyung hehe"


****Your P.O.V.****

Suga, why did you need to call. Everything was going great, you finally got you out of your head. Yet the moment you hear his voice you can feel your heart jump up your throat, and it's not fair to Kookie. You had been stuck in your thoughts for a while now, and you hadn't even noticed where you guys were. Kookie lightly tapped your leg, and tilted your face to the look forward. Glancing over at him, his face glowed, you were on top of this mountain. You were over looking, what looked like, all of Korea. You felt on top of the world.

"Kookie, this is amazing," your tummy growling, "but I thought we were getting food." You pouted rubbing your tummy.

JK: "I know, and we are going to eat." He lifts up the trunk of the van to reveal a picnic and some of your favorite foods. "Are you ready to chow down?" You nodded in agreement and prepared your chopsticks like you were a warrior. You both sat there eating staring out at the skyline, and looking up at the stars. It was the perfect date, but you still weren't fully happy. Of course you wanted to be, but you couldn't shake off the feeling that you just weren't happy. Your face grew dark, and you told Jungkook that you needed to make a phone call.

JK: "Now?" "Ne, I forgot to tell my co-worker not to use my studio tonight. You singing reminded me of that" You let out a small giggle.

Grabbing your phone you walked far enough to where he couldn't hear you, but close enough where he could clearly see you.

??: "Annyeonghaseyo?" "O-oppa?" ??: "Y/n why are you calling me, you should be enjoying your date." "Suga oppa, all I can think of is you. I tried giving him a chance, but I just don't think that I can. I like him, but I think I love you.." You hear him sigh on the phone.

S: "That's actually why I called Jungkook. I needed to tell him, that I think I love you too y/n"

He said to meet him somewhere after the date and you agreed, hanging up the phone.


When you returned to Jungkook, he looked depressed.

"Kookie, I need to tell you something." JK: "I heard......" Your heart dropped. All you could do was look down.

"Mianhae Jungkook, mianhae." JK: "Don't say you're sorry y/n" wiping tears off of your face. "I'm still going to be your friend" His smile shined through his sadness, and he continued to speak.

JK: "You gave me the best day of my far. Yet, if your mind was on someone else the entire day, then it wasn't meant to be. I'm not going to force you to love me, when you love someone else. Truth is, I've known all along. I was going to check on you when I seen you kiss him." You were shocked, but you stood there listening to him talk about his pain. He didn't seem sad though, he kind of sounded relieved. Maybe he glad he found out now, and not later. Maybe it wil be easier for him to move on now.

JK: "Come on, let's just enjoy our meal. Then I'll go ahead and take you to him." You jumped in the back of the trunk, and he began to feed you. Suddenly you felt this bump in your chest. Gripping it tight, you knew this feeling. The same one you had when Yoongi kissed you. You were falling for Jungkook.....But you had just stopped things from going to far. You wondered if you just made a terrible mistake. Jungkook, why do you have to be the perfect guy? ****Jungkook's P.O.V.**** If I can't have you y/n then be happy with someone you love. But know this, I'm not going to sit back quietly. My hyungs, and everyone else see me as this innocent young child, by I'm not going to let anyone just steal you without a fight. So I'll take you to Yoongi hyung, but he needs to know that I'm going to be there for you every step of the way. And I know thatslowly I might just make my way into your heart. I won't sabotage anything, but I'm not going to be innocent either.

I fed her one last piece of meat, and once she swallowed I grabber her face and turned her to me.

"Y/n promise me, if you need anyone or anything, call me. I will be your shoulder to cry on, and the person you confide in. I'll be your best friend, just promise me you won't let him hurt you."

Before you could even answer Jungkook pressed his lips to yours.

*Y/n* one tear running down his face *Y/n I'm not going to give up fighting for you.*

The kiss was passionate, and it caught you completely off guard. His lips were soft, yet he took complete control. You didn't dare pull away. His tongue lightly swiped across your bottom lip, and you allowed him to enter your mouth. Your heart was torn during the kiss. You weren't thinking of Yoongi anymore, you were entranced by Jungkook's kiss. Once he finally let you back away he looked back into your eyes and said.

JK: "I hope that we can have another chance in the future, but for now I am happy to be your friend. I'm happy to see you happy, and to have you in my life y/n"

I know this one's a tad shorter, but I still hope you love it (: Oh and a bit of a side note I am going to start doing other group imagines too. Recently I fell in love with EXO and Got7 so any prefs for imagines there let me know (: TY<3 Hope you guys love it<3


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