My New Years weekend

So I went to Dallas this weekend to hang out with some friends I meet at kpop night, and celebrate my sister 21 birthday. Overall the weekend was good. Went to a Norazo karaoke club three nights in a row cause it was so much fun, a real chill place to go and sing with friends Korean and English music I recommend this place to anyone over the Age of 18. Enjoyed amazing Korean food! Like Jin Korean bbq in Dallas is great and omi Korean Bbq was amazing too! I ate so much!!! If you are in the Dallas area and want Korean bbq I would recommend both of those places!! Omi is next to hmart with the bigger kpop store inside. Which is where I bought part 1 part 2 of BTS albums!

ugh...I argued with myself for like 20mins on if I really needed to buy both at the same time...then on the tv in the store "RUN" MV started playing so I was like yup I'm getting both along with some posters. I got both JHope and jimin! ugh I'm so happy! The posters I put up all over my house! But get this, while on the way home I was jamming Out to BTS and I pulled up behind a car with this

yes...that is a license plate with BTS on it! I was like holy shit really?!?!? I really could not believe it! And the ones driving the vehicle did not know who BTS was...they looked at me weird for asking.

Now, my weekend did have its bad parts....the last night I took my sister and her friend to that karaoke bar cause they wanted to try it....well, I guess they thought it was a fancy place or something. And it's not really, like you can go there all dressed up if you want or you can go there in blue jeans and a hoodie. Like its cool either way. Well her friend started bitching about it and making the night horrible. Like she Complained the whole time about it. I tried being nice because she was my sister friend, but I was getting annoyed cause she was killing my vibe. She even got annoyed when we sang some of our kpop songs. Like she only wanted to do English ones, but the rest of us wanted to do both since we had a blast singing what we thought was the right lyrics. Majority of the time we were wrong but it was fun! And the two nights before with my kpop friends we had a complete blast singing both. My sister liked doing both too but she felt bad her friend wasn't having fun, so they just went and sat at the bar. Which was fine. But some other thing s happened and I ended up a little intoxicated and started yelling at both my sister and her friend. Things happen that set me off. Thinking now I shouldn't have yelled and stuff, and I could have handled it better, but what was about to happen wasn't okay and I wasn't going to just sit there and let it happen. The next morning me and my sister talked and now have everything okay. So we good, but I did tell her not to bring her friend again cause she only complained the whole freaken weekend. I'm not even kidding. The moment they meet me down there, the girl complained! I feel better venting....

Back to happier note!! I love my new albums and all my posters, even got some for shinee, got7 and GDragon! Ugh my room will be covered up! But Idc and anyone who don't like it can just like not come into my room!! Oh yeah i dont know if I ever posted who I got in the got7 album when I bought it but I got Jr

ugh so happy, happy happy! ☺️ but anyway that was my New Years/sister birthday weekend! It was a lot of fun overall, I really enjoyed it, even made more friends that are gonna go try and go to the exo concert too in February. I love making new friends! Anyways I think I'm done typing now haha hope y'all had a good New Years weekend! Much love!

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