6 Struggles We All Know When It Comes To House Phones

Once upon a time, that hotline didn't bling.

There was once no such thing as a blue or green bubble and Siri was known as 411. Times have definitely changed and cellphones have literally taken over our life. Whether you choose to believe that's a good or bad thing is totally up to you, but we can all agree that when house phones were poppin' times were much simpler.

Although they were simpler, it's obvious that the innovation of cellular devices has helped us excel in the future, but we definitely lack the social skills we all once embodied. Running into your parents bedroom for the house phone because your friend was on her way has since been replaced with checking a text message that reads 'outside' -- simply put. So much for communication skills, right? If you miss the simplicity of house phones as much as I do, keep scrolling to take a nice little trip down memory lane to recall life before apples and androids.

Buying A Throw Away Camera

If you weren't up with the times and didn't own a digital camera as yet, a disposable camera was your friend. Long before the selfie became a thing and you couldn't receive any likes, having a group photo of all your girls with the peace sign up was all you knew.

Waiting Your Turn To Use The Phone

When it came to house phones, you definitely learned how to share. You knew your turn in line would never come when your mom was on the phone with her sister. You might as well call it a night and catch up with your friends in class.

Sneaking On The Phone To Talk To A Boy

Before it went down in the DM's, it went down on the house phone. Before sneaking out the house, you first learned how to sneak on the phone with your crush. Whenever you heard footsteps, you would whisper 'hold on' and play like you were asleep.

Three Way Phone Calls Were Super Cool

You knew you were popular when you had enough friends to have a three-way phone call with. Because group chats weren't always a thing. It was actually nice to hear a person speak every now and then.

Before Emails You Would Check The Answering Machine

Whether it was your teacher calling or a prospective job -- checking your answering machine was a must even though you hated having to go through all 45 messages before hearing the one you were waiting for.

Actually Following Through With Plans

Because the convenience of a text wasn't at the tip of your fingers, going to the mall or party with your friends always ended up taking place no matter how tired you were.


We can all admit times were much simpler.

What do you miss most about having a home phone? Leave a comment below.

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