Family Guy Understands Us

Recently on the new episode of Family Guy, aired at 9pm est (1/3/16), they had an ENTIRE episode dedicated to Hallyu. Even though it mostly covered K-Dramas and a little bit of K-pop, it still did it! I dont want to spoil anything but I have to say if Peter ends up liking Sistar, it says enough. the episode itself is pretty funny and I have to say it made me extremely excited to watch it too!

The episode featured Touch My Body mv NOT ANIMATED.

Peter, Joe and Cleveland even did an English parody/cover to Hyuna's Bubble Pop!! Of you havent watched the episode, I recommend that you do. You might lose your sh*t, just a fare warning. The episode is called "Candy. Quahog. Marshmallow." (season 14, episode 10) for anyone who wants to watch it!

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