Funny Struggles of living in a Black Latin Home


what is better Louisiana hot sauce or Valentina or Tapatío.

Some of my cousins on my day said picked this. There reasoning is that this bottle has the mother land on it so it has to be the honest truth. lol I'm like is that even what Mexico looks like? My cousin was like yeah back in the day before the Spanish came and messes it up for us. Besides it says Mexican hot sauce. They wouldn't lie. CTFU

My abulea's favorite is this kind. This is her reasoning... " Well the man on it looks honest. He's a good honest Mexican man. He's a little light..but I like him. He's never let me down." I'm covering my face while I laugh. "Abulea he's fake." I say in between laughing. "Ah no niña, I know him. His name is Javier." We all laugh and she begins cussing us out in Spanish.

This is what my mom swears by. She won't use nothing else. Her reasoning.... "Oh its the perfect sauce just like the bottle says. Besides it from Louisiana and all their food is good."


Then everyone looks at my dad and ask him which one is best. My abulea and mom has a look on their face like you betta pick mine. My dad plays it off and is like they all alright. I just wanna eat! My brother and my other cousins bust out laughing.


My abulea has this expression and takes his plate lol.

So which one do you perfer? Do you have any funny table conversations with your family?

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