Lines [Jimin & Hoseok] part 2

Jimin was first to wake due to him hearing people walking and talking. He looked around and saw that he was wearing a hospital gown, and he was hooked on to a machine from his right arm. He looked to his right and he was met with the sight of another boy who was around his age still asleep. He had dark circles under his eyes that seemed to have cried so much, his mouth slightly open, and his lips were chapped. Jimin looked at him with an almost expressionless face, however, he did have a hint of confusion written in his face. He looked at his dark hair and his eyes traveled down his body to his legs. Like Jimin, he was hooked onto a machine from the arm. Jimin looked away and drew a breath, suddenly rembering the pain of seeing his parents dead and after what he's done. He felt his eyes stinging but he blinked them away. He wasn't going to cry, not now. He shook his head from side to side trying to brush off the sudden thoughts that came to him. Jimin heard a muffled laugh to his right. He turned his head to the side and looked at the kid that was just asleep, laughing. His eyes were sleepily but they held something in them. Jimin couldn't tell, he was too embarrassed to even look at the kid, and he looked at his hands instead. Hoseok stopped laughing once he saw Jimin look at his hands. He felt guilty for laughing, and he quickly apologized. Jimin looked at the kid in a weirdly way. He then smiled a fake smile. Hoseok, however, knew better, he knew that Jimin was faking his smile. He might have been young, but he wasn't stupid. "Don't fake your smile! Real ones are much better!" He said with a grin. Jimin looked at him weirdly again, but he decided to change the subject. "What's your name?" He asked. Hoseok smiled again and replied, "Jung Hoseok! What's yours?" "My name is Park Jimin. Why are you here?" Hoseoks' smile instantly vanished as he remembered the sight of his parents on the floor. "Y-yah! Why are you crying?" Hoseok didn't know he was crying until Jimin pointed it out. His cries, now turned into sobbing as he remembered everything from that night, from eating his mothers' cookies earlier that day, to what happened that night. Everything was perfect until then. Hoseok closed his eyes and sobbed even harder through every given second. He then felt arms around his waist and someone whispering/repeating into this ear, "It'll be okay. We'll both be okay." With a kiss to the forehead and a tune that Jimin learned from his mother, Hoseok was fast asleep. Jimin tightened his grip around Hoseoks waist and looked at him before falling asleep along his side. ~~ The boys parted ways when their family came for them. Jimins' grandma came for him. The police couldn't find a cause as to how the two men died, and they couldn't suspect the ten year old boy. They came to a conclusion that there was another person in the scene. However, when they found nothing the case went cold. Hoseoks' aunt came for him. His case was easy, the men just killed his parents, nothing else mentioned. Just a question left them wondering, what did these two families do to deserve something like this and.. Why leave their children alive? Or did they just decide to skip over them? Maybe they just didn't know about them. That would've been too great now would it?

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