BTS Reaction To You Get In A Minor Car Accident + You Were With Someone He Was Jealous Of

“Princess, are you okay?” He asked over the phone after your minor accident, “I’m coming right now!” 
“She’s fine.” A male voice answered. That voice… It was him! He quickly rushed to the hospital to find you being held by that guy, the guy that he had always been jealous of. He called out your name, you looked at him happily but his expression was serious. Jin was glaring at him as he took you away from him. “Why wasn’t I with you? I could have protected you.” He complained, pulling you into a hug. 
“Thank god you’re okay or else I won’t be able to live with myself.” He tightened the hug, glad that you weren’t hurt. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling him closer.

He would rush to the hospital and wouldn’t even to bother to call because he knew you would go to the hospital anyways. Arriving at the hospital he saw “that guy” (not bothering to know his name) supporting you while you walked. He could tell that you must’ve hurt your leg. 
“Y/N!” He called out, you look up happy to see him. While trying to make your way to him you slip and “that guy” grabbed your waist preventing you from falling. He quickly made his way over to you taking you out of his arms with a glare. 
“I was trying to help her!” He complained annoyed. 
“If you were trying to help her, you wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.” Namjoon replied even more annoyed. You knew he was getting angry and you tried to calm him down by telling him you were okay. 
“No you’re not, look at your leg.” He pointed out. 
“Well as long as I have you, I’ll be okay.” You smiled. His intense glare softened just seeing you smile, he smiled back, taking you home.

“Jagi!” He yelled through the phone, “Are you okay? Where are you? I’m coming!” He would reach the hospital angry at how careless you were and worried about your well being, seeing the guy with you, made him even more upset. Once you saw Jimin, you knew he was about to hit him. You held him back by wrapping your arms around him. 
“It’s okay, I’m fine I swear!” You panicked. He could be really scary when he’s mad. 
“He let you get hurt, and I can’t let that go.” He said, sounding calm even though it was the complete opposite, “Well, as long as you’re fine.” He sighed with relief before placing a kiss on your forehead. You nodded leaning your head on his chest.

He would rush to the hospital to find that you’re okay. He would go from worried to his cool self.
“I see you’re fine and I didn’t have to rush here.” He said plainly, trying to ignore the guy behind you. You nod and try to walk behind him but your back started to hurt and you were falling only to have both Yoongi and your friend catching you. Yoongi would quickly carry you bridal style out of the hospital like it was nothing. He just didn’t want your friend touching you. 
“See what happens when I’m not there? He can’t protect you.” He would say as you got home. You nod smiling and pull him into a hug thanking him for his troubles.

You walked out of just seeing the doctor and you so Taehyung.
“Oh, Tae-” 
“Y/N! ARE YOU OKAY?” A voice yelled, “YOU CANT DIE! DON’T LEAVE ME!” “Taehyung, I’m-” 
“KIM TAEHYUNG I’M BEHIND YOU.” He turned around seeing that you were fine, pulling you into his arms. 
“Thank god you’re okay.” He mumbled, his stare landed on your friend behind you,“Jagi? What is he doing here?” “Oh, he was there during the accident. It was nothing.” You replied plainly. 
“So, he wasn’t able to protect you… At least you’re okay. This is why you should have me around more, I’ll be able to protect you.” He released you from the hug, giving you a kiss. 
“Come on! Let’s go home.” He took your hand, completely ignoring your friend.

He would call you to make sure you’re okay and then make his way to the hospital. His stomach dropped when he saw you with your friend. He slowly walked towards you asking if you were hurt anywhere. He would be mad at himself for not being there when you got into the accident.
“Don’t worry about it, my neck just feels a little sore.” You tell him. He is unhappy that you were hurt and that he couldn’t protect you. He’s more upset at the fact that your friend seemed perfectly fine while you were rubbing your aching neck. He calmed himself before he snapped at him. He’s just glad you’re okay. He didn’t want to bother with your friend. 
“Let’s go home so you can get some rest.” He smiled, rubbing your neck a little to make you feel better.

He made his way to the hospital as soon as possible, spotting you he ran over. “Are you okay?” He asked worried. “I’m fine, don’t worry about it just some neck pain that’s all.” You tell him, he would makes sure he does everything to make your neck feel better again. He sighed in relief that it wasn’t anything major, then noticed your friend behind you. “You were with her during the accident right?” He asked glaring at him, your friend nervously nods. “Then why didn’t you protect her? This is why you should stay away from her because you can’t protect her like I can.” 
“Jungkook! It’s not his fault.” You stated, but he ignored you. 
“If I was there, I would have protected her and she wouldn’t be here right now.” He told him, still giving him an intense glare, “Let’s go Y/N.” He grabbed your hand and went home. 
“Why are you like is?” You asked annoyed. “Because you got hurt. Thank god it’s not anything major or else… I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” He admitted, you smiled at him and wrapped you arms around him. 
“Thank you, Kookie.” You mumbled, he smiled at your words and placed a kiss on your forehead.


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