Exo America concert

So exo announced last year (lol) that they would be having a concert in America in 2016

I'll try to update this card as I get more information

Update merch EXO-L’s! For all of you who want/need official concert merchandise for EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in NORTH AMERICA, we have opened an online shop just for you! Please keep a few things in mind: -The merchandise on the site is all that is in stock and available for the tour. We cannot add additional merchandise to the merchandise list -There will be NO MERCHANDISE SALES at the venue. If you want merch, you MUST purchase your goods online using the below link. Payment is due at time of purchase and you will be able to pick up your merchandise at the venue on the day of the show. As this is a preorder, you are responsible for picking up your items at the venue of the show you will be attending. -The last date to purchase merchandise on the site is FEBRUARY 5, 2016. Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us at merch@mymusictaste.com and we will be happy to assist you. The link to purchase your official EXO concert goods is http://mymusictaste.mybigcommerce.com/. Happy buying! See you in February~ :)

Thanks to@KaiTakashima for tagging me in this card. I'll update and see if there's any updates. So for now I know they are sold on ticket master and may be sold January 16 for $190-$60

So they have finally released the official dates guys EXO-L’s! We know how patiently you guys have been waiting for this announcement and apologize for causing such nervous anticipation! That being said, please see below for information regarding ticket sales for EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in NORTH AMERICA in your city. Ticketing for ALL CITIES will open on January 16, 2016 at 8PM EST (5PM PST). #EXOinNorthAmerica with #MyMusicTaste! Verizon Theatre [Dallas, Texas]/AXS.COM: Section A: 195 USD Section B: 165 USD Section C: 110 USD Section D: 75 USD Thunderbird Arena [Vancouver, Canada]/TICKETMASTER.CA: Section A: 195 USD Section B: 165 USD Section C: 110 USD Section D: 75 USD Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena [Los Angeles, California]/TICKETMASTER.COM: Section A: 195 USD Section B: 175 USD Section C: 160 USD Section D: 130 USD Section E: 80 USD Section F: 60 USD Rosemont Theatre [Chicago, Illinois]/TICKETMASTER.COM: Section A: 195 USD Section B: 165 USD Section C: 110 USD Section D: 75 USD Prudential Center [New York, NY (venue is in NJ)]/TICKETMASTER.COM: Section A: 195 USD Section B: 175 USD Section C: 160 USD Section D: 130 USD Section E: 80 USD Section F: 60 USD

FAQ Part I for EXOPLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion - in NORTH AMERICA Are there any VIP ticket packages? The ticket prices include the concert only. How many tickets can we purchase per transaction? 4 tickets can be purchased per transaction. Will there be any pre-ticketing options (fanclub, credit card, etc)? There will be no pre-ticketing for the tour. Is there group ticketing? There will be no group ticketing for the tour. Can I see the seating chart for the venues? Seating charts will be available prior to ticket sales upon release by ticketing providers Can I bring my cell phone? You can bring your cell phone but you cannot take pictures or video with it. Are there any bag size restrictions? There are no bag size restrictions, however the bigger the bag the longer bag check will take. For speedy bag check, please bring a small bag! Can I bring my camera to the concert? There will be a strict no-camera policy during the tour. If you are caught with a camera during bag-check, you will be responsible for stowing your camera away until the show is over as it will not be allowed inside the venue and you will lose your place in line. Individuals caught taking pictures and/or video during the show will be escorted out of the venue by police. Will there be gift collection boxes for the artists? Unfortunately we will not be able to collect gifts or letters on behalf of the artist. Will we be able to provide food/snack support for the artists? Due to health and safety reasons, food and snack support will not be accepted throughout the tour.

Hey all, we will be posting detailed information regarding everything you need to know about seating (including GA) and entry in the coming days so please keep an eye out on our FB/Twitter page! :) See you all next month!

Omg Ican't believe the tickets sold out in less then 10 mintues. Good job exo l's

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