Caption Contest Update!


tl;dr We're all laughing.

The long version is totally worth the read though. We currently have TWELVE entries and there's still time for more! Let's see what the community has done so far:

"hey batman, what are thinking about?"


"Deadpool and Moon Knight duke it out over a banana."

"I can say chimichanga in seven languages"

"Can We Both Pretend I Did Not Just Pull That Out of My Pants?"

"The minions got me this banana do you want it?"

"Let's Vouge and Strike a pose!"

"You're not going to fall for the banana tailpipe?"

"Deadpool and the lengend of the bananarang"

"They said I could be anyone. So I want to be 4 different super heroes."


"Hey Bats, we're brooding buddies now."

Remember: the winner gets to pick which character we'll caption next so don't forget to comment on your favorites!


And let's make sure to give a big welcome to the new folks!

There's a few people who haven't done the caption contest before! I know, it's a new event but it's really exciting to see people jump in and join the fun!!! I know I don't need to tell the Marvelers to turn on the charm since everyone here has that in spades :D

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