My Top 10 bias list

Hello vinglers!! Happy new year!! so I'm doing this list because@yewookyu tagged me to do it!! I'm so excited and it took me days to finish this card I hope you guys enjoy it!!


1.Mark (Got7)

Mark is amazing. He is so loving and sweet to everyone but mostly Jackson.Tbh sometimes I'll be jearlous of Jackson...but I still support Markson no matter what!! What I love the most about

Mark is his deep voice and how he say what he thinks in front of everyone!!

I totally love the second gif just how adorable can he be? I loved him with red hair better but still..

2.Eric Nam

ok so Eric's songs always make me laugh or cry! He is so cute! I wish he would make a song for BTS! That would be amazing!

What I love about him is how his songs always make feel like!

I love it whenever he host ASC I laugh so hard!!! lmao


3.Jungkook/Kookie (BTS)

Kookie totally wrecked my bias list!! He is so cute and adorable!

What I love about him tbh idk I just do....

I couldn't choose pictures because he is way adorable!!


4.Suga/Yoongi (BTS)

Suga is just amazing!! I love it when he cosplayed as Naruto! I was about to cry lmao!

What I love about him is how sometimes he is dorky and makes me laugh!!

the 3rd gif made me laugh hard!!

5.Kaisoo/D.O from Exo

His acting in I Remember you was amazing!! I sorta understood his character... His level of playing alone is so high!!

What I love about him is his claming voice and after he acted I started to love his acting too!

A heart shaped lips lmao!! His level of playing alone makes me cry

6.Chanyeol (Exo)

Pointy ears and fair hair lmao! He is so adorable and hot!!

What I love about him though is his voice it always clams me down! also how he hugs a sunbaenim lmao!


7.Hongbin (VIXX)

Hongbin is so hot!! I was dying while looking through his pictures! I love him in "Chained Up"

What I love the most about him is how hot he is! and how dorky he can be!!

8.Seo In Guk

His acting in I remember you made me cry so hard!! his voice is so claming and relaxing!

His voice and acting always get me!

9.Donghae (Super junior or Suju)

His acting in Mrs.Panda and Mr.Hedgehog made me laugh and cry!! here's some scenes that I laughed hard on!

I love his acting and singing!!

10. Kim Sung Kyu

His voice is nice and soft... I love this song so much!

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