Kate Spade Teams Up For Yoga Wear Collaboration

Move over Lululemon.

Your favorite designer has dipped her manicured toes in the pool of active wear -- yoga wear to be exact. It seems as if every fashion maven is slowly, but surely stepping outside of their comfort zone and trying something new when it comes to their traditional fashion. As for Kate Spade, she has teamed up with Beyond Yoga that gives you a bit of everything including a signature Kate Space new York bow.

It's time to get in your downward dog poses in style. Because who wouldn't want to do some bikram wearing the most fashionable yoga wear of the year, right? Although these pieces are a little on the pricier side, when you look good -- you feel good. Treat yourself. Namaste my fashion mavens. Keep scrolling to see this fashion forward and trendy yoga gear below.

The Neck Bow Jacket

The Peek-A-Boo Bra

The High Waist Bow Capri Legging

The Tuxedo High Waist Long Legging

The Side Bow Slit Skirt

The Halter Bow Cami

The Back Bow Legging


You can shop this collection now [here].

Happy Yoga.

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