Activision to Use MLG Assets for 'ESPN of Video Games', Actual Adults Laugh

I totally just wrote a card about the news that Activision bought most of MLG's assets

New York Times

And they're called...

YouTube and Twitch

Listen, I'm not going to make fun of someone trying to make the consumption of video games easier or for the masses or anything because that's a noble cause. I love video games. But, we've already got that covered Mr. Kotick. We can already watch the Video Game Awards on Twitch. We can get all of our eSports news on the Internet for free!

This would be a grand idea if it were happening years ago. Before people could make poodles of money (as in getting paid in poodles) by playing games on the Internet, this would be amazing! Video games on television, I would write in my journal, what an amazing concept! I would love to do that.

Instead, I'm writing on the Internet that it's a silly, silly idea. I am an actual adult. And if this is what they're going to do with their 46 million dollar purchase then I will continue to laugh.

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