Would you date a Girl or Guy who travel ?!

For a last 3 years, I have not lived in a country for more than half a year. I was hop in and hop out of few countries in Europe like a grasshopper, a friend of mine said. When i was in German for a year during my exchange study, me and my roommate (a good friend of mine, who also constantly travelled around the globe) was discuss about this topic. We came to the conclusion that girls would see the guys who are a traveling bug as an attractive men, but would not take relationship with him. One of our conclusion is that : Women while looking for a experience partner who know a lot about life itself, they are also looking for a secure partner who live a stable life, who could support and be with them during hard time. That is why girls would not date or be serious with a travel partner :) So what do you guys think?

"For a loser now, will be later to win" - called me Tapsa, it is my Finnish name, but I am a Vietnamese guy, who are living in Seoul at the moment. Follow me on Instagram @tapsamai
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