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These are two very good sports animes revolved around the game of tennis. Which one do you like more? Or which one captured the game better? Or even which story arc and gameplay kept you hooked and you rooted for the most? Below are our two main protagonists that steal the show. X3


In Baby Steps, Maruo Eiichirou, or as we know him as Ei-chan. He joins the tennis club as a beginner and with his superior eyesight he strives and becomes a professional player!


Ryoma Echizen is a tennis prodigy because he is son of the famous tennis player, Tezuka. He is ambidextrous which throws off his opponents, and quickly became a regular among 2nd & 3rd years in the first season of the Prince of Tennis!


My vote goes to Prince of Tennis because I really love the characters and the graphics. Also Prince of Tennis also has more episodes and games to see which I am always at the edge of my seat for! So which tennis anime do you love most? why? Comment Below! Tagging my buddies helping me!@ZeltzinCorona@MadAndrea Tagging:@Kirik@TylerDurso@Danse@InVinsybll@punksjunk@bmcclain191@anarevilla34@Trinadonk@Volpix5150@JewelHarmer@bnzattoni@PACUASIO@BobbieStinson@Sashamonroe16@LilianaZeferino@Hatake26@JessyRay19@Moonpie15b

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