{K-drama MCM} Kim Bum

Kim Bum was my first ever K-drama crush, so I'll be doing my MCMs in order of when they stole my heart!


Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Everyone remembers Yi Jung, the best man of any secondary love story. He was such a good friend to the F4 guys and even became really loyal to Jan Di. Then, not only did he help Ga Eul get away from that horrible boyfriend, but he came back to her after being away for a year. SO SWEET.


The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (2010)

I had to have more of him so I watched the very next drama I could find. He was the main lead in this one so I was able to fall in love with him all over again. He was incredibly irresistible as the leader of a band. This was only the 3rd drama I'd ever watched so the sex scene (unfortunately, not with him) surprised me. But as my first Noona Romance, I was quite satisfied with it! He's just so adorable!


Padam Padam (2011)

I just loved him in this. For one thing he grew the eff up and shocked my little fangirl heart. He becomes a guardian angel after he and his friend are released from jail (yep!). He is not the main lead but has his own love story. Such a sweet story. My first time seeing him with long hair and shirtless!


That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Gosh, short red hair, don't care! Similarly to the previous drama, he is not the male lead but does have a secondary love story. I just love him so much and want to eat him up!! He needs to be the lead more often so he can get all the love I wish to give him!!

Of course, there are more dramas and movies with him that I love. He's just so dang pretty!!


Being a fan is too much work!! But what I am here for are all the kdrama feels you can muster up; come at me bro!
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