This Slinky Master Will Blow Your Mind.

Back when I was a kid, a Slinky was one of those toys you were always really excited to receive and play with for roughly 2 - 3 minutes until you eventually got bored and put it down. Sure, you could shuffle a Slinky in your hand and watch it as it flips its way down a staircase, but really - what else could you do with one?


Well, this week, a clip viraling all the way from China is proving me wrong - and apparently, the rest of the world too, as it's received almost 1 million views in a mere two days!


The video shows a talent competition contestant dressed in a head-to-toe Kung Fu costume, as he whips the Slinky around with incredible skill and variety, with the announcer naming each of the moves as they're performed.


Do you think you could pull these tricks off? Or is Slinky Kung Fu mastery clearly easier said than done?

Those of you interested in having your brain explode thanks to a 1980s nostalgia toy can click the full YouTube video above. And for more funny YouTubes viraling this week (and every week!), follow my YouTube Nation collection!

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