5 of the day!

Day 13- 5 Action/adventure shows. Sorry I was a busy-body past two days and didn't get a chance for the cards. Now I'm just to lazy to go back and do them lol so yeah bare with me!

Starting it off of course with my personal favorite, Log Horizon!!!! I'll never get tired of this show and you'll never hear me stop complaining for a 3rd season!

Next up, Akame Ga Kill! Funny, entertaining, heart breaking, and gut wrenching! You couldn't ask for more!

The list just wouldn't be completed without the addition of Fairy Tail!!!!!

Another one of my personal favorites, Hunter X Hunter! The only thing I wish I could change about this show is that it never stopped!

The Seven Deadly Sins!!! I didn't think this was a show worth watching, and I have NEVER been more wrong in my life!!!! This was a freaking badass show and I can barley sit in my seat when I think about a 2nd season!

Well, here it is! Lol hope you all enjoyed it! I know I left out a lot of great shows, so feel free to comment what I missed down there in the comments!

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