V app struggles

How many of us international fans have had this struggle. You find yourself sitting in class at 10 am in the morning when your phone buzzes. Of course since it's hard to resist the luster of your phone, you check your notifications. It has just been announced that a new video of your favorite K-pop group has begun to play. All of a sudden you begin to curse the school, your country and south Korea for not being closer to your country so you can share time zones.

It's as of the world has ended. There is nothing else for you to do, but sit there and listen to your teacher go on and on about how college will be harder and how we should take advantage of the fact that they take the time to help us and bluh bluh bluh....

This is what just happened to me. The new episode of BTS run was released during my third period class and all I could do was sit there and wallow in my own self misery. Now the obvious solution to this problem is to watch it during lunch, but my unlucky self has to go see a teacher, which will take up all my time. Long story short I am doomed to be that person trying to catch up on the video without being tempted by the short videos, gifs and what ever else comes out during the 6 hours I was a slave to school.

Anyone else have my struggle of being the last one to find out what amazingly funny things that your sexy group did on the V app? Let me know if any of you are having the same struggle with hearts and comments.

Hi, I'm Jazmine. I am an avid K-pop lover. I can't express how amazing it is. K-pop makes me happy and brightens my day. I know that sounds corny, but it's the truth. I joined vingle to find some more people that enjoy K-pop because where I live is as dry as the desert when it comes to finding K-pop fans. Anywho, I'm just gonna fan girl till my hearts content. DEUCES!!!
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