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Best friend

This is so true. We're both kinda weird and energetic. We both love to eat. Having him as my best friend would be awesome.


Ah! Oppa! I feel like Jin would be the best brother ever. Always making sure you're taken care of. He'd protect you but also give you space.


I feel like Jimin would be a really sweet admirer. I know he's professed to being really shy and I think that, that would be part of his charm.


AHHHH BIAS AS MY BOYFRIEND. I can't.....I just can't. Honestly tho, I think we'd be great together. To me a great day is laying in bed watching Netflix all day. We'd be able to relax and be ourselves with each other. I don't express my feelings well and I think that Yoongi would completely understand that.


I feel like Namjoon wouldn't be like the creepy get a restraining order kind of stalker. He's just awkward and I think that he wouldn't know how to just start a conversation or interject himself into one. So he'd loiter awkwardly nearby.

Awkward With

This makes so much sense. Hoseok can be really out there. But I think that after getting to know each other, we wouldnt be awkward anymore.


Well....I don't think we'd be for real enemies. The three year age difference between us would lead to some brother/sister like fighting I think. We both like to tease and have great memories so I think we'd end up sassing each other a lot.

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