Proof That Restrictive Female Dress Codes Need To F*cking Stop

I rant about this a lot I know, but its still an issue so...lets talk about it some more.

School Dress Codes usually require shorts and skirts to be at the knee, pants (especially yoga pants) to not be too tight, and tops to not be too reveling. Because god forbid someone shows a shoulder. Cue the Amish fainting.

Basically school dress codes are unfairly harsh on females,

the boys can't concentrate.

Sounds like a fucking personal problem.

Sooooooo what, my collar bone or my thigh is more important, NO MORE TERRIFYING, then my education? Get a fucking life.

And what a shocker, it made the GIRLS feel uncomfortable.


Low and behold the boys didn't wither up and die when the girl had her jacket off.

Girls should not have to be restricted or made uncomfortable for the betterment of our male counterparts. And if you believe that you are the problem we have with the world today.

Shame: A Documentary on School Dress Code !

I posted the video below!

P.S. Their dress code got changed! Fuck yeah girls.

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