5 Totally Rad Rock and Roll Date Ideas

Okay, I'm not your typical girl, whatever the hell that means. I'm a bit rough around the edges, and when I'm out I like to do things my way.

I love taking chances, finding new things to do and above all else I love to have fun.

If you're pursuing a rocker chick or dude, here are 5 totally rad date ideas that are guaranteed to snag them.

Just don't be boring. Please. Don't be boring.

1. Go to a concert.

Plain and simple, number one rock and roll date. Concerts are fun, energetic and full of surprises. Taking someone to see their favorite band is like letting them see God, and for a second under all of those flashing lights you can both scream and laugh like you've got nothing to worry about.

There's no better way to prove your love to someone than giving them the gift of music.

2. Hit up an Open Mic

I have really fond memories of open mic nights, because I got to play music and I got to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds and tastes. It's just a fun time. You get to hear new, original music, it's hella indie and totally local. Find a coffee house near you that is hip enough, and just chill out for the night.

3. Find a crummy Dive Bar

Drinking 2 dollar gin and tonics is a great way to spend any date. Dimly lit, dirty places sometimes house the best people on the planet. Some of my favorite places in New York City were dive bars: Johnny's in Greenwich Village is my all time-go to. After work, or before a night out it's always good to catch a cheap cocktail and a good conversation. Plus, getting wasted for 20 bucks doesn't hurt either.

4. Spend a night listening to records.

I used to love hanging out with my ex-boyfriends to listen to music. There's not a lot of money involved when you're a broke musician dating another broke musician. So you make due. Sometimes the best dates are the most simple ones. Gather round your hipster record player or an old-fashioned iPhone and play the hits. Great date tracks come from all kinds of genres, but rock and roll is particularly sexy.

5. Go get kicked out of a restaurant.

Go run amok in an Applebees or something. Get kicked out, meet up in an alleyway, get your heart broken. That's what rock and roll is all about right? Taking chances? Don't stick to conventional date ideas. Take these ones to heart.

Okay, maybe don't get kicked out of a restaurant. Maybe do. Whatever.

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