[THIS IS SO COLLEGE] Clemson will have less practice time than Alabama!

the Clemson Tigers will have to prepare for the biggest game of their lives with less practice time than Bama.

But why...?

Thus, starting today, the Clemson Tigers will be restricted to a maximum of four hours of any team activities including practices and meetings.

I just have to say one thing.


These players are lining up to play the biggest game of their football career and they will miss the chance to even review films with their coach due to a restriction in practice times by the NCAA.

I want to open up the discussion to all my sports fans!

Do you guys think Clemson is at a disadvantage because of these NCAA restrictions?

Remember we had the exact same problem last year between Oregon and Ohio State. And how did that turn out? No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes crushed No. 2 Oregon Ducks 42-0.

circumstances don't dictate champions.
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