What do you like better?? Old anime Style Vs New age anime style???

so obviously we all notice the difference between original anime art styles and the new age style. now there's better graphics, animation, more advanced tools to use and better audio and recording equipment....

sometimes older anime tends to get less views and watched now and days because it has a lot lower quality, animation is not as good as today's and well its OLD. the colors back then were bold but not as vibrant as now and days theirs also better blending and mixing with colors now and days. older anime has bold outlines which are mainly black whereas now anime has a varied outline for a specific color also outlines not are much smaller where back then it was a tad bit thicker.

one of the most known anime : Sailor moon originally came out in 1991 there you can see the animation then compared to 2014 sailor moon Crystal

while the older anime style is not that well used anymore it is still Favorited by some anime fans compared to the new age art! but even when you think about it were still advancing ! today's anime style is great but just wait ten years down the road! this current style will be the old age anime art style and a completely new and better style in some way will be out!

so what do you prefer? are you a new age fan or old age fan? why? lets discuss! For me I'm a new age fan!!

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