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Que tal mis amigos! I'm trying something creative so just bare with me. I have been loving these screen shot games and always wanted to make one. This one will be mixed with a little bit of fiction. You would play this game like any other screen shoot game.

Comment your results below in this format.

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Scene 1

It's your birthday this Saturday. This birthday is very special because your fiancé from BTS is in break and will be able to spend time with you for your birthday. He decides to make it very special and he treats you the whole week of your birthday week. He takes in a shopping spree Sunday. On Monday he takes you to the zoo. On Tuesday he takes you on a private wine tour. Wednesday he takes you to away to Ji-Yong's new cafe. Thursday you and him go on a plane ride followed by a romantic lunch. Friday you both go to the spa where he gives you a private massage. When Saturday arrives he wakes you to breakfast in bed. Later that night you think he's taking you out to dinner, but he walks you into your surprise birthday party. All the members of BTS is there plus some more of your closest amigos.

Who is your fiancé? Screen shot to find out.


Scene 2

The party is so wild and at the hottest club in Korea. The music is perfect. Everyone was getting low and dancing all on the dance floor. Suddenly, you see on of your BTS amigos hanging on the pole drunk. He's giving everyone a show by taking off his clothes and humping on random girls with his sexy dance moves.

Who is your drunk amigo?

*Note if you get your fiancé on this one just do it again.*


Scene 3

You quickly laugh and help your drink friend off the pole. After that you began looking for your best friend. You couldn't find her. The FJ was playing yall favorite song. You search the bathroom to find her smooching with this BTS memeber.

Who it?


Scene 4

After breaking your bestie free from the lips of who she was kissing. You two run to the dance floor to dance to the last part of yall favorite song. Suddenly, after the song they all bring out this fabulous huge birthday cake. Everyone sings happy birthday to you.

What BTS member leads the birthday song?


Scene 5

After singing the song. You began cutting cake and serving it to your guests. After you serve everyone you open presents and then head to phase to for your birthday bash. You all head to the beach for a bond fire. This time it's just you, your fiancé, the rest of BTS, and a few close friends. People are still drinking and having fun. Suddenly you hear a loud splash and people cheering and laughing. Two memebers from BTS are in the water butt naked.

Who is the frist member in the water?


Scene 6

Who is the second member in the water?


Scene 7

After getting those two into some clothes and dry. You all sit by the bond fire. You all are roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. Suddenly you realize you are missing a BTS amigo. The beach patrol brings him back. He was caught peeing in a restricted area.

Who was caught peeing in this restricted area?


You end the night at a hotel with your fiancé. You both laugh as he holds you and you all reflect on the wild and the birthday you will never be able to forget.

The end

I hope you enjoyed this game. I know some of the results will be wild and crazy. But that what makes this fun.

*Note please don't complain about who you got as your fiancé. This game is all in fun. Please and thank you! :)

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