My top 15 2015 Kpop

i've been tagged many times for this and finally come around my sickness to build my wonderful top 2015 list! what last year gave to me...


Bigbang (bang bang bang)

2) Got7 ( if you do )

Their music (by other standards) might not be the best but i will always love everything they do.

3) Monsta X (hero)

I have literally watched every performance, they are super awesome! if you get a chance watch performance and not mv, it gets better!

4) Madtown (OMTG)

I cant help but dance when this song comes up! i know most of the steps to it haha


Dope is right! ahhh! ( please note songs are not in order i can't possibly decide which i love more lol )

6) UP10tion (so dangerous)

I can't stand to look at wooshin!!! i love this song and gets me really pumped up! its hard to choose anyone song from any group really.

7) EXO (Love me right)

You'd be patrick star if you've never heard this one!

8) Bigbang (Monster)

The melody is wow!!! i'm so in love with this song! and well everything bigbang does ! but guys this song is sooooo catchy and all over amazing! makes me feel like falling in love in such a strange way.

9)Seventeen (Mansae)

Saying that most song are catchy and awesome is an understatement! be ready to fall in love!

10) IKON (Rhythm ta)

11) Map6 (storm)

another song with an amazing intro! i love the melody in this song.. its all like cute,cute nice boom!!! ok nice again haha love it!


I think its safe to say this was my most listened to song of 2015!!!!

13) Sistar (Shake it )

I danced all summer long to this song right here!

14) AOA

They are super cute! i really like this song! and the video is super cute too!

15) ToppDogg (the beat)

I hope you guys like my list and maybe add some new songs to your list as well. i have top favs but as song goes i have lots of variety in groups and i could keep adding songs lol . thanks to the friends that tagged me, i can't quite remember who originally tagged me

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