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When you're spending between $5 and $10 per slice for your wedding cake, which may or may not include extras like flowers, Swarovski crystals, hand-painted water coloring, gold leaf, transport and delivery, among other things, you want to know EXACTLY what you're getting.

The client for this cake wanted something chic, sparkly and white. But what does that look like? Ask four brides that question and I promise, you'll get five answers. (I did the math, and it totally checks out.)

Sugar Ruffles creates beautiful renderings of what your cake will most likely be when it's completed. While some charge for this service, many do not. Unless you're ordering from a catalog, it's always a good idea to get some idea of what the cake artist is going to create. To the shock (and horror) of many, cakes can incur runaway costs. If you're willing to try on a $1,000 wedding dress, shouldn't you know what your $1,500 cake is going to look like?!

This is what the cake looked like after it was created. Notice how spectacular this cake is. The pink magnolias and soft pink pleating give this six-tier confection the chic look without being just white. The variety of bling creates a fantastic show of sparkle--just what the bride wanted.

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