"Love Is A Circle"

"Love Is A Circle" by Manny Feldman

Love is a circle, warm as summer sun,

Making flowers blossom, after winter done.

Love is a circle, coming back to you,

When your love is given, with a hear that is true.

Love is a circle, going up then down,

Reaching to the heavens, returning to the ground.

Like a wheel that's turning a carousel of joy,

Love has a returning which only time can tell.

It may take a lifetime, an hour or a day,

But after love is given, love will find a way.

Love is a circle, take my hand my friend,

Love is a circle, love will never end.

Love is a circle, going round and round,

Reaching out to touch you, music all around.

Love is a circle, setting people free,

Love is a circle, love is you and me.

Love, once it is given, has no end,

Circling forever thru all time.

Bringing love wherever man may be,

Going on for all eternity.

I found this beautiful Manny Feldman poem as I thought it was fitting for this stunning Elizabeth Dye photo of a bride and groom standing before a hoop of vinery and florals. With so many tying the knot under a chuppah or an arch (or canopy of some sort), this design is so unique and marvelous to look at.

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