Screenshot Game 1: Life With BTS results

So I'm going to be best friends with Jimin. I guess we can talk about Jungkook or something.

J-Hope is my brother and I'm cool with that. We can dance and be hyper together. I think we'd get along well as siblings.

Suga as my admirer. Sounds sweet, think he might Rap to me?

Jungkook my boyfriend, yeah! I'm happy to one on my bias. Sorry V.

My stalker is Jungkook. Since he's one of my bias, I'm not totally bothered by having him as a stalker. I'm still not sure how it works for him to be my stalker and boyfriend though.

I'm awkward with Jin. I've got nothing to say to this......

WHY! Why is V my enemy? T.T


So here were my results. I was going to do it earlier, but I got a new phone and I really don't know how to fully work it yet. Thanks for tagging my@TiffanyBibian and if you want to see the original card visit@thepinkprincess. Can't think of anyone to tag so feel free to take the challenge yourself if you want.

I've been to both an Infinite and VIXX concerts. I also have Kpop playing and relate it to any conversation I have. Too many groups to name, but I love them all.
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