Competition in K-Pop Voting

Heeeeey so I felt like posting a rant video of sorts this time. Hopefully I will post more of the Hangul lessons I am doing soon.

Unfortunately, the video is blocked in Germany *sigh*

In case you don't feel like watching the video, (or you live in Germany) I guess I will add a summary here.

Basically, some girl went to one of my old tweets where I said that SHINee is behind xia in sma but I wouldn't be upset if xia wins because he deserves it too

But they quote tweeted me and said "yeah but shinee deserves to win too vote shinee"


I said "too"!!! /too/

This competition when voting is ridiculous.

When I said I /am/ voting for SHINee she said "You better blahblah" and stuff bout how you can only choose one


Firstly, this is SMA. You gain votes and can distribute all to one idol or one to each idol you would like. /You don't have to choose ONE/

Secondly, I like people besides SHINee and I feel those other people also deserve a vote

Stop being so cult like about votes!!!! If you're a ultimate Shawol and you give a vote to BTS because you think they're great too, then go ahead and do it. It doesn't make you less of a Shawol if you do.

I would say more but that would mean I wasted time making the video lol if you watch it I hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment, like, share, clip!

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