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I actually wanted to talk about this for a while now okay so I wanted to write a fan fiction about a dream I had the other day and Leo from Vixx was in it. it actually had me thinking,this would be a cool story plot. let me try and explain my dream first. so I was (me) living in a medium sized mansion by myself...or so some people thought. but actually 2 people live there one of them being me and the 2nd person being Leo but let me explain,Leo is human but at the same time he's not. every I would put my cross necklace on, a small fog would form in front of me and there would appear Leo. so in my dream it seems that he somehow lives inside the necklace and whoever puts this necklace on,he would serve them. Now in my dream, Leo is not a heartless being that just lives in the necklace, I had feelings for him but he didn't realize that until I apparently had a small gathering of friends come and hang out for a while, one of my friends had gotten me a gift,a new cross necklace. none of my friends knew the sentimental value in the necklace though. and as she gave it to me, she wanted me to try it on and therefore she took my necklace off and put on the new one. everything was fine after the party but one thing slipped my mind, my friend took the necklace, the necklace that held my precious leo inside. and even worse,i thought I had misplaced the necklace, so I was crying and rummaging through all my stuff. while this was happening, my friend had tried the necklace on at her house just to see what it would look like on her (let me explain one thing,she didn't mean to take the necklace, she simply forgot to give it back, but before she gave it back she wanted to try it on) and when she put it on, Leo appeared with a smile on his face, but it was soon wiped off his face once he realized I wasn't standing in front of him. NOW I'LL STOP THERE BECAUSE IF I DONT YOU ALL WILL ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AND THAT TAKES THE MAGIC AWAY FROM THE STORY


so should I post a fan fiction on vingle? I might post it on Asianfanfics but it's too difficult to post on Asianfanfics, I'm still thinking about it though ! anyway, please comment on what you think I should do !

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