BTS Day 12 and 13 (?):Namjin or Jikook


lol I don't know which day we are on....but I didn't do these they are... So would I want Jikook as parents or Namjin as parents?

GIF would be kind of awkward to have two young "children" as my parents....I mean Jikook is OTP in my eyes...but I think i have to dismiss that offer. I love them but I feel like with each other, they wouldn't know what to do T~T Just look at these children...


Now with Namjin...I feel that they are mature enough to take care of children....I mean BTS are their children, so they have experience *wink wink*. So I have to choose Namjin as parents, I think that would be for the best...Jikook are still inexperienced.

Just look at them and their cute

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