Quotes By Our Idols #3

This quote really, really made me feel better about myself. People view K Pop fans differently than the fans of other kinds of music here in the US, because K Pop is in Korean not English. ''Listen to music in your own language.'' I'm sure we've all heard this at one point in our lives. This quote describes this scenario perfectly. People laugh at us because we show interest in 'different' music, while we can sit here laughing at them because they all are basically clones of one another who have the same taste in music. Of course, I'm not offending the non K Pop that don't know K Pop or don't have anything against K Pop. I'm talking about the people who can't try new things. Those... not...K Pop fans... Is there even a name for them? Can I just call them muggles? I don't even know. LOL. Thank you Lee Chaelin eonni for making us feel better about ourselves and for helping us realize that different is not always frowned upon!

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