BTS Screenshot Game!

I saw this going around and thought it would be a lot of fun! All credit goes to@thePinkPrincess.

Chim Chim!! I feel like he would be such a loyal and caring friend...

Ayyyy chill brother. It would be so much fun coming up with rap lyrics and taking naps

Awwww I would take this cutie as an admirer anyday!

HE GOT OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE!!! Honestly he would be such a sweet boyfriend for all the same reasons as mentioned before. I was kind of hoping for Hobi but I am satisfied with this result

Ummm okay then...

Ahaha I could totally see this! I feel like we would eventually warm up to each...maybe.

Nooooo I'm sorry!! What did I do to get on this ball of sunshine's bad side??

This was super fun! If you guys want to do this, check out@thePinkPrincess!!

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