The #1 Reason To Not Go Crazy With Your Resolutions


I love New Years Resolutions. I wrote a few cards on them, I have an amazing new planner that had me write down exactly what my 2016 bucket list is, and I am feeling pretty fucking positive about making 2016 amazing.

And then today, I went to eat some Cheetos because I was starving (even if I wasn't, I still would have eaten some Cheetos because DUH), and started to feel super guilty. You see, one of my goals is to lose the final 20 pounds in my weight lost journey and to treat myself to the bathing suit I've always wanted this summer.

So as I am staring at my Cheeto fingers, feeling guilty, I had to realize I WAS BEING INSANE AND TOTALLY IRRATIONAL!

Resolutions and goals are awesome to have, some may even say mandatory to kick your ass into gear. But the second you let them control you, the second you start obsessing over sticking to that goal no matter what, you are ruining your resolution.

The point of these resolutions are to make your new year amazing. If you are so busy worry weather you are sticking to the book instead of cutting yourself some slack, then you might get what you want out of 2016, in my case lose to 20 lbs, but be miserable while doing it. And if it isn't enjoyable, then it shouldn't really count right?

SOOOOOO cut yourself some slack but still keep your resolutions in mind! You'll be way more likely to not only stick to them but love your new lifestyle change!

Basically, what I'm saying is its okay to eat the Cheetos once in a while.

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