Ultimate Bias Day!

So@kpopandkimchi tagged me on her post and I thought that I should introduce you my ultimate bias.

Of course I have a huge list, but this person...this person means so much to me...wanna meet him?

Lee Donghae is...

...the most cutest person alive!!!

He's sensitive and strong,

very sexy,

(I wanna love you~ I can't live without you~)

very, very childish,

and very, very, very...fishy?

Who wouldn't adore this man?

If you don't...

...kill yourself.


I'm devastated that he left for military service, but at the same time, I'm grateful for this man! It has gone to the point that I want a man who has the same characteristics as this man right here!

This was the first man I laid my eyes on when I got into K-Pop. I'm never going to find a man like this and I'm thankful for Donghae for giving us a chance to adore him more than anything!

Please give my fishy lots of love ^_^

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