Daily Love Songs

@TessStevens started this challenge and I'm glad! I'm always wanting for new music, especially love songs, be they sad or not. Whenever "Love" crosses my mind, I usually immediately associate it with two things: Beau Taplin and "I Caught Fire", by The Used.

There is much of my life I don't remember. I don't remember high school too much and I just graduated in 2013. I don't remember middle school much either. But this song was a huge part of my growth and my 8th grade years, and it still can bring me to internal chaos, wandering down the dusty and seemingly incomplete halls of my childhood. Her name was Natalie, and she was the first person I have loved. "Could we dim the sun and wonder where we've been. Maybe you and me, so kiss me like you did. My heart stopped beating, such a softer sin... I'm melting." We were each others first kiss. She used to tell me that when she looked into my eyes, she felt safe and comfortable. "In your eyes, I lost my place. Could stay a while and I'm melting in your eyes like my first time that I caught fire..." It's weird. My eyes used to be a lot lighter brown. Now, they look almost black to me unless I'm looking directly into a light source. Any who. She's where love started making sense. She's the one that made the songs come to life. She's the one who ignite my flames of passion. She brought THIS song to life. So. She and this song will always hold a special place in my heart and mind. Thank you, Natalie.

I'm not sure if we're supposed to tag everybody, but I will anyways. I Know, what a rebel haha @InPlainSight@arnelli@paulisadroid@VinMcCarthy@alywoah@AlloBaber@ButterflyBlu@shelpswiley@Titplum@cheerfulcallie@ChristinaBryce@TerrecaRiley@Arellano1052@ChriSingularis@quietone@buddyesd@DeepakAswal@RaquelArredondo@marshalledgar@NerukaWong@thePinkPrincess@Luci546@LAVONYORK@MarySEW@amobigbang@MelissaMae@Danse@Buddyesd@jevonlowery@BPF1916

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