Would you rather...BTS Edition

13.) Would you rather have Jikook or Namjin as parents? - Id like to have parents that are fun but serious. . . . . . . . . And the Winner is *Drum roll*


Namjin!!! - I'm not trying to say the Jikook aren't responsible but I feel like they would be the type of parents that let their kids run wild and have fun us know? But as for Namjin I feel as if their kids would be well disciplined but also know what it feels like to be a kid. Why do you guys think?@CreeTheOtaku@Helixx@passthesuga@Emealia@Jiyongixoxo@MadAndrea@Starbell808@Mercii@JasmineWilliams@VeronicaArtino@ChaHakyum@LauraEspinoza@DestineeLiu@KaeliShearer@BBxGD@RihannaTiaMay@KpopandKimchi@AimeeH@SarangRavi@Ticasensei@adiajasinski@KatieRussell@KwonOfAKind@RaquelArredondo@ciabri22@xsandos17@nasiawright@DaisyMartinez@KeziahWright@ChelseaAustin@Destiny98@Marblue143@reyestiny93@KeolaLoveskpop@thepinkprincess@justbrea@poojas@veeyang5

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