When Xiumin sends you snaps 🙈 💖

Every morning he wakes you up with a call, asking if you saw the snap he sent you. you open up snapchat and you see the most sweetest snap ever... and it makes your day. you blush and start yelling at him yaaa!! he laughs and says to you i have to go baby and hangs up.

during some days youre really feed up with school and you just tell him you want to give up he will always pump you up sending you motivational snaps with intentional vribeing that you always fall for him and his serious looking eyes ..

hes always making you laugh with the silly snaps he sends you , he wants you to know whats he doing with the other members .

he will always want to know what you're doing every hour and keeps nagging if you're done so he can suprise you and make you happy and you say to him "oppa why are you so impatient" and he answers back with "you love me right ? " how can you say no with thoose puppy eyes and cute cheeks you just want to squish him

even is hes having the shittiest day ever he will say movie night but it will end up teasing you with wanting you at the end of his day ..

if you want more just comment down below remaining candidates *suho *kai *lay *chen *baekhyun *D.O *kris *Tao *luhan let the snapchats begin @solodaywithB1A4@KaeliShearer@thePinkPrincess@MadAndrea@ReynadeKpop@MichelleIbarra@AimeeH@TiffanyBibian@Tamaki1618@Ligaya@AnnahiZaragoza@Jiyongixoxo@BrandyBell16@ShortyGarcia@DestinyMcCauley@KpopQueenaBee@jenjenkhreim@Meeshell@panouvang123@KellyOConnor@SarahVanDorn@Yongsongmi@PrettieeEmm@ShinyYang15@LaurenStrayhorn@aortiz258@parktaemi@saraortiz2002@tayunnie@HerosBells@Starbell808@torchix@cthulu@reyestiny93@KeziahWright@funfunbunbun@Beckah1327@EliseB@xoxrlwoxo@Moose1998@skittlesrocks93@EliseB

Annyong haseyo Jeonun Carina imnida, Jeonun Mikukin imnida Mannaseo bangap sumnida ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡🎀💖♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Hello my name im Carina im from the US nice to meet you ! im a fan of K-pop and K-dramas im learning Korean also a singer and musician, and attempting to post cool Cards for you guys! ill probablly be a writer later ...
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