The Cross necklace: not an update yet

So I figured out what I'm going to do. During my free time tomorrow at school I'm going to go ahead and write the first chapter instead of just typing it from my mind (i can't just type it without writing it on paper first..well, I could try but we'll see) so I'm for sure typing this story !!! Please anticipate it !!


Instagram: xxmckenna Twitter: mckenna295 Kenna (or McKenna). My Korean name is Jaehyun. Although, it used to be Min Yeon but I changed it ^^ I'm 17, 4'10. I love dancing and rapping. i would tell you my favorite groups and singers but if I did, my thumbs would fall off from all the typing aha. 11/22/14: My first Vixx concert (i still remember Leo starIing into my soul god help me) 5/15/13: First Kpop concert (B.A.P) and youngjae touched my hand :'))
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